Trust: we build our business on it.

Retirement planning is more than just a business. We believe that when we manage retirement investments, we’ve established a covenant with the plan’s participants, a pact we will uphold and protect.

We use our considerable expertise to help our clients reach meaningful retirement. We want to help them not only retire, but to accumulate enough money so that they do not outlive it. We call this Retire for a Lifetime.

Our plan participants are counting on us to get it right. That’s why we are uniquely sensitive to doing what is right.

Just ask Ken Ingham, our president and CEO, the driving force behind our company’s vision. When Ken’s father passed away the day before his 65th birthday, a combination of misunderstood options and the unanticipated consequences of new regulations dramatically changed what was supposed to be a secure retirement for his mother.

My father earned his pension by working at the same firm for 35 years, The benefit that was supposed to financially protect him and my mother to the end of their lives disappeared—because he died one day too soon. Thirty-five years of work, one day short, and my mother was at retirement age without a penny.

Our plan participants trust that when they get to retirement, their plan has been managed right. It’s up to us to earn and keep that trust each and every day. Integrity, fairness, professionalism: These are part of our core values, they determine how we do business. We act this way because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Ken Ingham - President and CEO

Kenneth G. Ingham

M.S.P.A., M.A.A.A., Enrolled Actuary, AIFA® President & CEO

Marc J. Eichberg

CPA, Vice President