401(k) - Sponsor
Why Ingham?
In today’s complex and highly regulated retirement benefits environment, it’s more important than ever for employers to choose a plan administrator with knowledge, experience and technical expertise. Since its inception, Ingham has served some of the country’s most prestigious legal, financial and medical institutions, including companies ranging in size from self-employed individuals to publicly-held corporations and national enterprises.
In addition to a highly qualified staff unsurpassed in its experience with Defined Contribution and 401(k)-type plans, Ingham’s team is skilled in the design and administration of Defined Benefit plans. This expertise offers a tremendous advantage for clients with older plans as well as clients hoping to enhance current plans with supplemental plan designs.

As an independent firm, Ingham offers employers an Objective Investment Process. Ingham professionals are Registered Investment Advisors. This distinction assures clients they are dealing with fiduciaries who are legally required to provide investments in the best interest of plan participants. Ingham professionals additionally:
  • Assist with developing an Investment Policy Statement

  • Select and monitor investment options in adherence to the policy

  • Create custom investment model strategies

  • Provides a detailed annual fee disclosure and revenue reconciliation including benchmarking data for comparison