Your Investor Profile Questionnaire

Your Challenge: Where Should You Be?
Planning for Retirement.

It’s just like planning a vacation. You ask yourself “What am I going to need when I get there?” You need to plan ahead.

You may be able to count on the government, your employer, an inheritance, or some other source to fund a portion of your retirement. Social Security alone cannot be counted on to completely fund your retirement. The ultimate responsibility is yours.

However, for most people, your employer sponsored retirement plan offers an opportunity to save money on a tax favorable basis, while potentially reducing your current taxable income.

You defer taxes on this money - and on the interest or earnings - until you withdraw it, usually at retirement, at a lower tax bracket.

Where Do I Begin?

The two most important decisions you will make about your retirement plan are:

First time retirement savers may want to consider the savings guidelines above in order to replace either 60%, 80%, or 100% of their income at retirement. Others, with money saved already for retirement may login at and choose the Tools/Retirement Calculator.

The questionnaire below can help you answer these questions.

Retirement Income Goals Chart
How Do I Invest My Money?

Three Easy Steps For Investing In Your Retirement Plan


Using the Investor Profile Questionnaire, 10 easy questions designed to measure your risk tolerance.


Choose your investment Strategy or select a diversified portfolio of individual funds.


Login, review and make changes to your investment elections.


Savings Tip

Start early and save consistently throughout your working career.

Investing Tip

Repeat steps 1, 2, & 3 annually to make sure your profile and investment strategy stay on track.

Step 1 - Investor Profile Questionnaire

Answer the questions below by clicking on the number for each of the questions. The points will be automatically totaled for you.

1 The investment I am now considering represents the following percentage of my total investment portfolio:
2 In how many years do you expect to start
spending the money you’re investing?
I do not foresee any major expenses that
might cause me to make withdrawals from
this investment before that time.
When I start making withdrawals from this
investment, they will be used to fund my
living expenses.
When it comes to investing, protecting the
money I have is my highest priority.
I always choose investments with the
highest possible return.
I prefer an investment strategy designed to
grow steadily and avoid sharp ups and
To meet my financial goals, my investments
must grow at a higher rate of return.
I am unwilling to wait several years to
recover from losses I incur in an extended
down market.
I prefer investments that are low risk, even
if returns are lower than the rate of inflation.
As a service and convenience, the Plan offers risk based asset allocation strategies using a mix of the DIAs, which are intended to qualify as investment education under DOL Interpretive Bulletin 96-1, click here for Asset Allocation Strategies brochure.
Step 2 - Your Suggested Strategy

Step 3 - Investment Election

Now that you’ve identified your suggested strategy, you can log in and review your Investment Elections. Here you can modify your elections to match your strategy level based on your Investor Profile and suggested strategy. Are you a new user?