Is Your Plan Working

When you’re taking a long journey, it’s important to keep your ultimate goal in sight.

Is Your Retirement Plan Working?

If you’re saving for retirement, you want to know if your plan will get you there. If you’re an employer, you want to make sure your plan fees are reasonable and aren’t getting in the way of your participants’ success.

When you’re taking a long journey, it’s important to keep your ultimate goal in sight. To help you do so, we’ve developed a two-step approach we call Is Your Plan Working that gives employers and employees the insights and details they need to determine whether their plan can deliver retirement readiness.

Step 1 – Do you have a plan to retire?

You may have a retirement plan, but do you have a plan to retire? A thoughtful, strategic plan that considers your goals and objectives will help you avoid short-term distractions and poor investment decisions.

Step 2 – Is the plan you have working?

To help you answer this question, we focus on four critical elements: plan design, investments, administration and reporting.

We’ve designed this program with two goals in mind: first, of providing the right feedback to help your employees save enough money so that they do not outlive it. And secondly, to help you satisfy your fiduciary responsibilities.

As a fiduciary, you are entrusted to ensure that the fees the plan is paying are reasonable. Based on our fiduciary expertise and the feedback we have received over the years, this program has helped our plan sponsors not only satisfy this responsibility, but feel confident that they have the right plan at the right price.

Employee Reports – Am I on Track?

Gap analysis report

Using your employees’ current savings, current contribution data and growth assumptions, we produce an individualized gap analysis so that each employee will see his or her projected retirement status. While the report cannot guarantee or assure a participants ability to meet their goals, it will include their social security projections and will help them take the right action today.

Employer Reports – Know who is on Track

Plan Level Gap Report

One of the keys to a successful retirement program is employee participation. This annual report analyzes plan participation, investment choices and contributions at the plan level to help you determine communication and education needs.

Year-End Report

Each year, you receive our annual fee disclosure, revenue reconciliation and benchmarking of plan expenses. These reports help you satisfy your fiduciary responsibility, ensuring your plan is paying reasonable fees.

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