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You know how important is it is to save for retirement. Our goal is simply to help you meet yours. As stewards of your wealth, we strive to put your needs first and guide you to a financially secure retirement.

What to expect when you partner with us

An Investment Profile

An investment profile that details your risk tolerance and investment objective. We create the profile after you complete a questionnaire and a series of conversations with the advisor.

A Customized Selection

A customized selection of a model investment portfolio that is based on your investment profile.

An Investment Policy Statement

An investment policy statement (IPS) that describes a prudent investment process and the screening criteria used by our investment committee, including the benchmarks and peer groups used to assess performance, risk and other metrics in the investment vehicles and the manager’s selection process.

A Retirement-Income Evaluation Analysis

A retirement-income evaluation analysis, which evaluates the likelihood of meeting retirement goals based on your assets, savings patterns, liabilities and other relevant financial events.

Continuous Monitoring and Action

Continuous monitoring and action that, when necessary, rebalances your investment portfolio and modifies your strategy.

Research Capabilities

Research capabilities that provide thorough and comprehensive information on various investment options.

A Relationship with Outside Money Managers

A relationship with outside money managers who provide custom portfolio management, including tax-free municipal bond portfolios.

Monthly Performance

Monthly performance reviews and online access to holdings and transaction history.

Tax Reporting

Tax reporting documents as requested.

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Established in 1972, the Ingham Retirement Group (Ingham) is a national, independent, full service retirement plan consulting, investment advisory, record keeping & actuarial firm. Ingham’s staff includes an ERISA attorney, CPA, Actuaries, Investment Advisors, Fiduciary Analysts & Compliance Administrators.

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